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Some facts about Brie Bella that shows her current position in the company

brie bella

Brie Bella was born on November 21, 1983 and made her in ring debut along with her sister in 2007. She is a professional wrestler, model and actress. She is currently signed with WWE. She is the elder sister of the Nikki Bella. There is a reason that both were born at the same date and year but the only difference that makes her elder is that she was born sixteen minutes after. Ever since she were in the roster she always plays the supporting role try to achieve to the main leading ladies but for some reason she couldn’t. Brie wrestled in women’s tag team matches and never gets the shot of any championship. But apart from that when she made her come back her career takes the turning point when her sister Nikki separated from her and have to fight individually in the roster. She had some classic mach during her career which shows she still got it to stay in the headlines of watch wrestling.

What Brie Bella has accomplished in the WWE?

1) Two time divas champion

2) First diva to step in the ring with Stephanie McMahon at summer slam 2013

3) Participated in many big PPV’s like summer slam, survivor series, and wrestle mania

  • What is her relation with Daniel Bryan (WWE superstar)?

Brie is married to the injured Daniel Bryan. They married in 2013 and made their relation official at numerous social media platforms. They both are living happily ever after and are the first active couple to work together in the company. Click Here For Latest News Regarding Daniel and Brie bella Watchwrestling online

  • Why fans like her so much?

She was becoming very famous because of her feud with executive vice president of the WWE Stephanie McMahon. Fans were getting to see her greater side that they haven’t seen yet. But it last for a limited time because her career was on the line and she needs to make a decision and since then she is been appearing as the support role for her sister.

  • What about her current state in the company?

Nowadays, she is in the tem with her Nikki Bella and Alicia fox, together they are getting in the feuds with other divas in a tag team match; let’s see what future really holds for brie bella in the WWE .



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Top Factors to Consider while Buying Guns and Firearms


Buying Glock USA guns  & firearms entail life time investments ; thus, the purchase has to be planned with utmost care and attention. While you may be tempted to visit just about any site to get your pistols or other firms delivered to your doorstep, it is always better to check out reputed online gun dealers like Omaha Outdoors before going ahead with your payments. Also, there are many factors that need to be considered if you want to get good returns from your investments in firearms and guns purchased online, or offline. Here are some important points to remember for amateur and seasoned weapons buyers alike.

How to choose Glock USA guns and firearms

At the very onset, go for quality forearms at online dealers of the kinds of Omaha Outdoors. It is always  a good idea to spend some extra cash to get home something of superior quality, especially when the product purchased is for personal defense. You would not like to place your trust in a firearm that may refuse to work the right way when you need it the most, would you? Though the aim lies in your hand, and the amount of training and practice that may have gone into the same, at the end of the day, the quality of the product would matter when your life lies at stake.


By all means, researching upon different brands and prices can prove to be a long, boring and tedious process. It’s best to go for those manufacturers that perform many “tests” on their guns and firearms; well, this would also equate to higher prices. But then, the investment would certainly be worthy of the cause. Of course, what you agree to pay eventually would depend on the features of the gun, finishes, night sights, grips, etc…

While there is no select rule for choosing a firearm there are some essential factors that have to be borne in mind at all times. These are action, caliber, ergonomics, manufacturer, safeties, and eye appeal. Also, you have to figure out the exact need for which you would like to purchase the gun. Are you planning to buy it for open carry, competition, target, short range, long range, concealed, cowboy, or personal defense purposes? At all times, get your budget and needs in order and then buy something that syncs with both.

All the best.

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How to Be Really Fashionably Late. Well, Maybe Just Being Fashionable!


It has long been an established tradition for the most important people to arrive late, with royalty regularly keeping everyone waiting, and while it can be inconvenient for some, there is a level of respect when it comes to VIPs, and waiting is part and parcel of meeting the rich and famous. Hollywood A-Listers actually time their arrival to the second, with the glitzy events like the Oscars and other prestigious awards, and of course, the right vehicle is a must!


The Stretch Hummer

This classic vehicle was last manufactured in 2008, and there are online companies that have a fleet of these amazin
Hummers, they can provide the ideal vehicle for any event.

Perfect Timing

The event would be scheduled to start at 8 pm, and at 7:30, things are already warming up, with people milling around outside and the main entrance bustling with people. You and your group are enjoying cocktails around the corner, listening to your favorite music, as you relax in the stretch Hummer. With 5 minutes to go, the entrance to the venue will be filled with people, as your car glides up to the foyer. The jet doors hiss as they slowly open, and after the electric step has lowered, you walk out into the maze of camera flashlights, followed by the rest of your party. Word soon spreads, and soon there will be a crowd straining to see who the car belongs to, but you and your group will be safely inside, and the car will return to collect you when you are ready to leave.


Large Groups

A stretch Hummer can seat up to 16 people in comfort, so a large group can all travel together and sample a little of what the rich and famous have to endure, with every conceivable luxury on board. If you are planning a buck’s night for your best buddy, or perhaps a hen night for your sister, a stretch Hummer is the ideal vehicle, as it could also be called a mobile party in itself. Travelling between venues tends to dampen the fun on these adult evenings, but with your own party on board, you don’t really need a venue!

Surprise Trip

You might want to say thank you to your parents, or perhaps invite the whole family, and a surprise outing really makes for an interesting day out. If you are in Western Australia, contact, who have a fleet of classy vehicles, and their experienced staff can arrange a tour of the Swan Valley wine region. Just tell everyone where to meet and arrange a time, and you turn up in the stretch Hummer, and away you go!


Whatever the occasion, arriving in a stretch Hummer says something about you, and if you really want to impress, arrive a little late, just for good measure!

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Hot Printing USA and a successful business



This world is more relying on written stuff and this is the reason that printing has got upper hand over many other verbal contents. Printing is basically a process of transforming text or images through the use of master or template form. The earliest printing device was invented in China in around 220 A.D, this was a sort of woodblock printing. Then mechanical movable type printing was invented by Europe in about 15th century. Moreover, the modern printing is done usually with the printing press which is basically a large scale printing while digital printers are used for small-scale printing. Apart from paper, such printing is done on plastics, cloth, metals, and other composite materials. Now, in this world of technology, every person has access to the internet, so such printing services are also available online and they are reachable to every single individual out there. Therefore, every country is in the run of providing better printing services to the world. The United States of America is also working on providing the most efficient printing services. Hot Printing USA is one of such institutes with all types of printing services.

Why business owners rely on Hot Printing USA?

Hot Printing USA provides printing services at very affordable rates. For any business owner, printing his product brochure is the foremost task and he is- in the search of finding such efficient service which could print an attractive brochure on affordable rates. Business people wholly solely rely on printing services for making their business a successful one, as they will need those brochures to spread awareness of the particular product. Such efficient printing services have the following benefits for business owners:

  • Building an image

A business owner needs to use printing for advertisements to build a strong image. For instance, any resort company many use such brochures to entice the visitors.


  • Leaves a long-lasting impact

Any poster having some colorful images and strong appealing statements leave a long-lasting impression on the consumers and this strong impact is the need of every company. Therefore, banners or posters having bright and bold colors displayed on the road site are the most eye-catching for the travelers.

  • Convey strong and catchy message

People would prefer to read short and catchy messages rather than technical brochures, and Hot Printing USA would provide such catchy printing services which could enhance the number of consumers.

  • Cost Efficient

Spending money on printing is not actually wastage of money, instead, it is a stepping stone to a successful business.

Efficient Features of Hot Printing USA

Features of Hot Printing USA are the most attractive for any business person. It includes:

  • Customers’ dashboard is available so that people can view their orders.
  • It contains an online proofing system with low and high-resolution proofs.
  • The pricing tool calculator helps the customers to get instant information on all the printing products.
  • It enables people to print their own present and past invoices.

Read More At ketuba-art

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It is too much mainstream to always discuss women dresses, women shoes and women accessories. Let us discuss a few things about men fashion and men footwear. Shoes for men can be of two types; casual and formal or outdoor. In this article we are going to discuss different types of shoes for men and how men like their shoes. Men mostly look for shoes that are comfortable, functional and stylish. This combination might be hard to understand for women but it can be found in men’s footwear. Following are the most suitable and preferable outdoor shoes for men.

Leather shoes – these are ideal for the corporate environment. They can be paired with suit and tie. Leather shoes are mostly made in browns and blacks, which is why they are a preferable choice for office use. These are the highest demanded type of shoes in men.

Boots – boots can be worn in casual and formal environments. These are typically made of waterproof material, so there is no fear of getting them damaged due to rain and snow. You will always find them dry from inside.

Canvas deck shoes – these shoes have been made to keep feet of wearers safe from dampness and moisture. Deck shoes keep feet dry and comfortable even if you wear them all day long. Deck shoes are made of breathable material, which prevents from all sorts of fungal infections and blisters.

Sneakers – a man’s shoe collection is incomplete with a pair of sneakers. Sneakers can be worn on casual occasions and other activities as well. Sneakers can be used to complete the look with jeans or casual trousers.

Shopping for shoes

Shopping for shoes becomes very interesting when you have a large variety to choose from. Men prefer buying from physical outlets of brands rather than shopping online so they can get the perfect sizes. But, there are many online shopping websites who have designed size charts for their customers. You can tell them your foot size according to the chart and they will get you the perfect shoe size. Websites like are offering different categories of shoes for men; such as:

  • Casual shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Loafers
  • Ethnic shoes
  • Formals
  • Sandals
  • Floaters
  • Slippers
  • Boots
  • Canvas shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Flats
  • Party wear
  • Lace up
  • Clogs
  • Hiking shoes

Other than a large variety of shoes, there is also an extensive range of shoe accessories available online. Some online websites also offer discounts and sales.

Online shopping

Online shopping for shoes becomes more interesting when you can sort out the available options according to your budget. This means that you won’t have to go through all the expensive shoes, you can surf through the options that fall in your budget. Also, you get to know more about the changing trends and preferable choices of people. Online shopping websites help you stay in touch with the fashion world.

Men footwear is as interesting as women footwear, so this needs to be discussed on a larger scale. Men are also getting closer to fashion and keep track of the changing trends and the top shoe designers of the world understand this. They are working on offering more pleasant and appealing footwear to men as per the changing demands of the customers.

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Having Someone on Your Side When You are At-Fault

Car accidents can be scary enough, but when the accident is caused by you; you may be confused about what to do. Whether the accident is minor or serious, there are specific things you should do if you are at fault for the accident. Steps you take after an accident can help determine the outcome of the case and this is a big deal, especially if you are at fault. You should also speak to an attorney after you have been in an accident. An attorney can make sure things are all in order for a case and the attorneys at Clarke Law will provide high-quality services to achieve the best outcome.


What to do After an Accident

If you have been in an accident and you feel that you are at fault, there are certain steps you should take to make sure you have the best possible outcome. First, as a driver, by law you must have insurance. Having enough insurance to cover the cost of various damages is very important. If you do not have enough coverage or have no coverage, you will be held liable for all damages that occur in the accident. Also, after an accident you should never speak to anyone about fault. This means that you should never say anything that could be construed as you admitting that the accident was your fault. You should contact the police so that a report can be made and if possible, you should take photos of various parts of the accident scene. You should report the accident to your insurance and seek medical attention. Speak to an attorney as well.

What an Attorney Will Do

An attorney will advise you of what to do through each step of your case. An attorney has extensive knowledge of the law and procedures that must be followed to make sure that everything goes well in the case. Having a lawyer means that you will have someone on your side, which can be very important if the accident was your fault. They can advise you of the law and what to do next so you don’t take any steps that will hurt your case. An attorney will also do all of the tedious work that is required when fighting a case. There will always be a lot of paperwork that needs to be filed and your attorney will know what to file and when. They will fit all of the pieces of your case together to get the best possible outcome.

Anytime you are in a car accident, you will want to know what to do next. Certain things you do could hurt your case in the future and having an attorney can prevent that. You should never try to fight a case on your own, especially if you are at fault for the accident. You will need someone who is informed to speak on your behalf and ensure that all your rights are being fought for. Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney if you have been in an accident; it can only help the situation.

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Recyclable Materials for Roofing

Shingles of the roof have to be replaced after some time for most roofs. They are exposed to heat, rain, cold, sunlight, wind, and even hail and snow. The traditional asphalt shingle roofs normally last for two decades or more. If you want to get your roof reconstructed or repaired, you can consider using eco- friendly products. This will not only save the environment, but also your money. Eco- friendly materials for the roofs outlast the asphalt shingles and they are stand the hail as well. The roofing options are widely ranged in eco- friendly materials. The best alternative for your house depend on local codes of building, the design of the house, and budget.

Recycled shingles

Recycled shingles are the most popular and eco- friendly option in all kinds of roofing material. They are made of reprocessed water materials like rubber, wood fibre, or plastic. Some products are created from waste products of homes, factory waste, etc. Reprocessed shingles are highly durable as well as beautiful. In short, they do not look like they are made from trash.


Wood shakes and shingles

The homeowners and builders use wood shakes and shingles these days. The traditional shingles used to be made of old growth cedar wood. They cannot be used in areas with the risk of forest fires and brush because they have high risk of combustion. If the local building code allow, you can use wood shingles made of recycled lumber. King Koating in Toronto can give you amazing options of recycled material. You can also use wood recycles from bridges, mills, old wine and water tanks, and many other sources. You can ask your roofing company if they recycle the roofing material locally. This significantly reduces the cost of new roof.

Clay and slate tiles  

Slate is an organic product and makes very durable tiles for roofs. Some of the clay and slate roofs are known to last for even centuries. Many roofing companies are known to provide slate tiles with a warranty of 100 years, which is too long for most people. Mining and transporting slate tiles is a time and energy consuming process, but many manufacturers of slate tiles use recycled tiles, although they have shorter life than slate.

Metal roof 

The best part of metal roofs is that the material can be reprocessed when the roof is scrapped off. The metal roofs are known to last for half a century and there is hardly any roof replacement. This means you do not waste natural resources in the long- run. Metal roofs are fire resistant, durable and a brilliant option if you want to collect water or rains from the roof for household consumption or water gardens. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the chemicals leaching from a traditional asphalt roof. They are a great alternative in places that receive heavy snow; the snow glides off the roof on its own, which prevents the formation of ice dams and keep up the house insulation.

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Choosing the Best Black Hair Wigs for African American Women

Black hair wigs have become a necessity for many women because a head full of hair is a source of beauty for many. However, not everyone likes their hair. There is always something they wished their hair did.  Sometimes its just a matter of being dissatisfied with their hair’s current growth state as it journeys through an awkward stage of either growing it out for length, straightening your hair with flat irons or cutting it short to get healthier. For many African American women, this is a common dilemma.

Fortunately, black hair wigs have been invented to help solve this problem. Now it is possible to change from one style to another with no fear. Furthermore, using multiple wigs with different styles allow us to be fashionable without putting our real hair and scalp in danger of damages and dryness.

Most of the human hair used in black hair wigs comes from China, India, and Indonesia. These strands of hair may also be bleached and dyed to create wigs of various colors.

Choosing Black Hair Wigs That Fit Your Face Shape

The first thing to consider when purchasing black hair wigs is your face shape. Your face shape will be the main factor in choosing a hair length that will be most complimentary for you. For flat irons go to

Those with round or wide faces should choose wigs with long hair strands to make the face look more elongated. Avoid wigs styled as neat bobs.
Those with square faces or heavy jaw lines should choose wigs that emphasize the upper part of the face. Avoid wigs that have blunt-clipped bangs because these make the face appear more angular. If bangs are a must, choose wigs with wispy or fringed bangs. If you choose a wig with no bangs, part the hair at the side instead of the center.
Those with heart-shaped faces should choose wigs with full bottoms. Chin-length wigs with side-swept bangs are good choices. Avoid wigs that have height at the crown and the area around the ears. Some such problems occur due to not using decent quality hair tools like hair straighteners.
Those with oblong or long and thin faces should choose wigs with curly or wavy hair that reaches the middle of the neck to add width to the face. Avoid wigs with a layered cut and those that have long or hanging strands.
Those with oval faces are lucky because they can choose a wide range of wig styles.
Additional Tips For Buying Black Hair Wigs

In choosing the right texture, opt for the one that nearly matches your real hair. If you are going from a tight curl or braid to a relaxed style, choose a texture that matches the relaxed hair.

Black hair wigs with lace fronts are great choices because the lace tends to look like newly grown hair. These create an almost invisible hairline.

How To Find The Cheapest High Quality Black Hair Wigs

Black hair wigs can be bought from below $50 to over a thousand dollars. Spending even more than $50 on  black hair wigs may seem unreasonable for some and certainly most women cannot even fathom spending thousands of dollars on a wig. If you are like most American women, you probably want to find the cheapest priced black hair wigs yet wigs that retain high quality.

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Different types of keys found today

Security is a top priority in day to day life. Whether it’s securing your car, house, or personal belongings, you want to make sure the subject in question is protected from theft, unwanted entry, or unapproved use. There are many different types of locks and keys outside of the universally typical house and car keys that can be used to secure your belongings. The type you use will depend on what you are securing and your personal preference!

Transponder Key: A transponder key, sometimes called a chip key, is electronic and used for more modern cars. It uses a signal that is sent from the car upon placement in the car’s ignition. They are normally paired with a key fob, which is a small device with buttons that can control things like your car alarm and locks. These types of keys are incredibly secure because they are very difficult to duplicate, and each key is recognized as its own code. If the wrong code is sent from the key, the system will not respond. Sometimes, in this situation, the car might completely shut down in response.

Double or four sided key: These types of keys are usually used for house locks and have either two or four sets of teeth on them, setting them apart from normal keys. Because the lock that matches this key requires the extra sets of teeth, it takes a lot more effort to pick. Because of this, they are a very secure option for house locks.

Paracentric key: These types of lock and keys are often found in prisons, used to fight lock-picking (as would be a useful thing to have in a prison). You can recognize these keys by the small teeth on one side of the end and their vague representation of a blade shape.

Abloy key: These keys are used for disc tumbler locks are very popular for how impossibly difficult they are to pick. As the name of the lock suggests, the key turns discs like a tumbler. When the discs are aligned into place, the lock will open.

Dimple key: A dimple key is very simple and uses small dimple holes on either side of the key that match up to two sets of pins found inside the lock. Because the holes are found on either side of the key, the key is reversible and does not need to put in a specific way in order to unlock.

Skeleton key: The skeleton key is the most universally known icon for what a key looks like. Its partner, the warded lock, is also the standard visual for the keyhole icon. The key has a cylindrical shaft and a single tooth at the end. However, warded locks are no longer used, so the term “skeleton key” now refers to a key that opens any lock of a particular type.

Tubular key: This key is a very small and simple cylindrical shaft that opens tubular pin tumbler locks. They are most commonly found in vending machines and bike locks and are very hard to duplicate – even harder to duplicate than the standard tumbler key.

Keycard: This key does not act like the typical key you are used to. Instead, it is small and flat – kind of like a credit card. There is usually a magnetic strip that you scan or swipe to unlock the lock. These types of keys are used in hotels and can also be found in apartment complexes to open gates.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi keys: These types of locks don’t actually use keys. Instead, they are typically controlled by an app on your smart phone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. They are becoming increasingly popular given the new technology age, and can add an extra layer of security as long as you keep your phone secure in your own possession.

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Using Fleet Tracking to Eliminate Personal Use of Company Cars

Fleet managers have always had a tough time monitoring the use of company cars and other vehicles in non-working hours. Most companies have drivers who are pretty careless and make every possible effort to use the company cars for their personal use.  For sure a situation like this one is a bit tricky and could only be handled properly with the application of a quality GPS tracking system. In recent times a good number of fleet management companies have opted for GPS tracker in order to keep an eye on their driver’s behavior. It is mainly due to the implementation of the tracking system which has resulted in significant reduction in the use of company cars and further enhances employee productivity. Gone are the days, when you need to believe the words of your driver and hurt your business with the bad behavior of the staff members.

Critical Use of Fleet Tracking!

With the fleet tracking, the fleet managers can now monitor fuel spend and prevent the wrong use of fuel card. The use of integration service will allow you to identify whether the fuel pumped into the vehicle as exceeded the desired limit or not.

Preventing the Personal Use of Company Cars

Enhanced productivity of any fleet management business is only possible when fleet managers can monitor their employees’ performance with perfection. It is must avoid the personal use of the vehicle as it will only result in a waste of fuel and time. If you have any doubts regarding the behavior of the driver, you must not waste a moment and get an adequate tracking device. With this tracking device, you will come to know about the use of a vehicle in non-working hours. Even some of the drivers try to take long route due to their own personal benefit. Such a wrong behavior will only hurt the reputation of your company and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Just like avoiding personal use of company cars, the application of tracking device has a lot to offer in terms of increasing productivity, reducing insurance cost, reducing maintenance cost and lot more. If you still have any doubts regarding true potential of the vehicle tracking system, I am sure you are heading in the wrong direction. Top fleet management companies have opted for the quality GPS trackers and completely erased their worries regarding vehicle theft and misuse of their vehicles.

As a fleet manager, you need to understand today’s fluctuating economic conditions. Leaving pit holes in the monitoring of the cars will only lead you into some serious trouble. On the other hand, when you get the tracking system you can easily control the wrong habits of your staff members. Even some of the employees would really try hard to impress you out with increased productivity. There is nothing to lose but all to gain if you have decided to apply GPS trackers in company cars. It will only avoid the personal use of a vehicle and make the drivers alert from carrying out any misuse of company cars.

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Tips On Helping School-Age Children Sleep Better

Getting our children to sleep through the night is a challenge every parent has been through since problems with sleep routines are familiar with school-age as well as pre-school children. Extensive care and steps must be taken to ensure that school-age children, in particular, are getting an adequate amount of sleep to help them with excelling socially and academically.


Lack of sleep for young children, especially, can drastically affect their behavior as well as their performance and achievements. According to Dr. Hiscock, it is essential for parents to make the routines and rules clear when dealing with their children going through sleep related issues.


Mentioned below are just a few tips on how Bedtime can become a little lesser of a battle when our children’s bodies fail to abide by the clock.


  1. Set up separate bedtimes

One of the initial steps that need to be taken for setting out a healthy sleep routine for school-going children is to figure out the individualized sleep patterns and needs of your child. School-age children require an estimated of between 9-12 hours of good sleep every night.


The calculation of how much of sleep your child needs to wake up refreshed is essential to set up an appropriate bedtime.


  1. Set wake-up times

Once you are aware of the average hours of sleep your child requires for unaffected functioning throughout the day, it is easier to set up daily wake-up times for the week. Allowance of extra hours of sleep during the weekends may seem like a good idea however they are very likely to alter their body into feeling drained at the time of their prescribed bedtime.


  1. Set a regular bedtime routine

Maintaining consistency with the method set for bedtime holds an adequate amount of importance. Indulging in specific activities before bed such as bedtime stories can help with signaling to your child of what is coming up next.


Hence setting a unique atmosphere before bedtime and maintaining it on a daily routine makes all the difference for a child to start becoming sleepy making your task a lot easier automatically.


  1. Switch off all electronics

Melatonin is a major component of the sleep as well as the wake-up cycles for children. However, it has been established through research that light regardless of whether it is being emitted from a computer screen or a television screen can interrupt with the production of Melatonin.


Hence it is essential to switch off or keep away all electronics such as IPad, computers, etc. for uninterrupted daily sleep patterns.


  1. Create a sleep inducing aroma

Aspects such as soft, comfortable sheets, comparatively quiet environment and room darkening can make all the difference in the world for helping your child sleep on time.


Providing protection from fears by addressing them is also just as important. School-going children often start to develop such fears and so innovative ways such as buying a particular toy for guarding the room or Anti-monster sprays before bed can create an easy environment for your child to sleep in.


Parents hold a grant role for ensuring that their school-going children are well rested and energized for their day in school ahead. Taking the necessary steps is of the utmost importance and maintaining that particularly set routine is of equal weight. However even despite your best efforts, if your child still continues to have sleeping issues then the possibility of a certain sleep order should be considered. Pediatrician help should in such cases be sought.


This post was sponsored by Munay Medicine who offer Ayahuasca retreats.